The Machine God, P’an Ku Magazine (2010) - Winner of the 2010 Broward College Creative Writing Award

Ghosts in Earthly Colors, Coastlines Magazine (2011) - Winner of the 2011 Aisling Award

The thing has been following him since Echo Company hiked up the Mekong River, disrupting their radio signals, their compasses, the heart monitors at the medical tent.

Five Houses on the Shore, Innsmouth Free Press (Issue 9 2012)

The fish arrived at midnight.

Breakwater in the Summer Dark, Boys of Summer (Bold Strokes Books 2012)

Though Cody Simmer does not believe in the monster of Oxwater Lake, he is the fifth to see it and the first to photograph it--an out-of-focus cell phone shot that shows the beast’s back breaking through a layer of summer-thick algae.

Cruel Acts, Wolf-Girls, Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws, and Lycogyny (Hic Dragones Press 2012)

She ( Eva,Veronika has to keep reminding herself) does everything with the door open. The Germans catch her squatting on the toilet in the shared bathroom on the second floor. She scrapes the tarter off her teeth with her nails. There are thick hairs trapped against the soap.

Breakwater in the Summer Dark (reprint), Wilde Stories 2013 (Lethe Press 2013)

Harris does not return to the lake, not even to watch a group of graduate students haul the monster onto a giant blue tarp and then drag it into a U-Haul truck.

The Wailing Hills, Zombies: Shambling through the Ages (Prime Books, August 2013)

Margaret is thirteen when her sister dies for the fourth time. 

The Empty Birdcage, Strange Little Girls (Belladonna Publishing, 2015)

The cats disappear. All at once, like they’ve been sucked up through the chimneys. The mice sense their opportunity and seize previously lost territories. Then they are gone too, and the scratching in the walls goes silent. Lupe is the first to notice the canned food in the cupboards has vanished. Ana finds her staring at a tin of Heinz beans, gouged open and rolled to a stop against the dining room table. 

The Forest in the Attic, Inaccurate Realities (Issue Six, 2015)

            On his first night in the house on Whippoorwill Lane, Tsuki finds a forest hidden in his attic.

St. Baboloki's Hymn for Lost Girls, Swords Vs. Cthulhu (Stone Skin Press, 2016)

           The flowers come first, and then the monster.

When the Moon Fell Down, Luna Station Quarterly (September 2016)

Jone has suspected the moon is moving closer since her first night out of the hospital.